Microblading in Barranquilla

Why Should You Enhance Your Brows At Makeupme Studio?

Our excellent Microblading service in Barranquilla has been rated five stars by our local and foreign clients thanks to our international-class technique.

If you want to increase the density of your eyebrows, make them look more populated or with more color, this technique is for you since you will achieve fast and natural results.

Thus, microblading fills in the eyebrow hair by hair to give them volume and color resulting in perfect, natural eyebrows and a noticeable increase in your beauty.

Microblading is the state of the art in brow design and is consequently a much more precise technique. In addition, the filling of the eyebrows is done hair by hair, so it is much more realistic than traditional micropigmentation.

Here at Makeupme Studio we are ranked first among all beauty salons in Barranquilla (We are proud of our Google reviews 😍)

Phibrows Microblading Certified

Clients around the world choose the Phi brand because they know that everyone who holds a Phi Academy certificate went through hard and professional training.

The quality and precision of Phi techniques are internationally recognizable.

Daymaris Castillo is the Certified Phibrows Artist who’s going to enhance your eyebrows to the next level.

How Is Microblading Done?

The shape of the eyebrow is calculated and designed according to the facial morphology of each person. Then we proceed drawing the necessary strokes to get those natural looking eyebrows.

The technique is ideal for those with conditions such as alopecia or lack of hair due to some disease. However, it is also used by many women to give volume and precision to the shape of their eyebrows.

Microblading treatment came to replace micropigmentation and traditional eyebrow tattoos. The results offered by the technique are unmatched.

What Should You Know About Microblading?


Improve your appearance: It is a perfect treatment to restore a compact appearance to your depopulated eyebrows by increasing their density and providing a natural color.

Save time: How long does it take to touch up your eyebrows to make them look good before leaving home? Imagine how much time you can save with just one hour of treatment.
Forget about putting makeup on them every day! Microblading will allow you to show off dreamy eyebrows every day

Self-Confidence: when you are well, you feel better and you believe that you can with everything, you call for success.

Less painful: Compared to traditional micropigmentation, microblading is less painful, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art tools.

treatment contraindications

In general, the microblading beauty technique does not have disadvantages a priori, but there are some contraindications that must be taken into account before performing the treatment.

If you suffer from diabetes, take anticoagulant medications, have any type of allergies, are pregnant or have a history of keloids, it is not recommended to undergo treatment.

Always consult a specialist to find out if microblading is useful and safe for your specific case. Some of the most frequent for which it is not recommended to carry out a microblading are:

– hepatitis
– Seborrheic dermatitis
– Diabetes
– Hemophilia
– Autoimmune diseases such as HIV
– Broken capillaries, keloids or capillaries
– Pregnancy
– If you are taking medicines to dissolve the blood

No hidden costs! Our price includes an optional control touch-up at no cost after 30 days and the aftercare cream for the healing process

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